A-750 Nufold Installed

Renlita’s newest addition – the A750 Nufold solution makes its official debut.

Renlita’s newest additional – the A750 Nufold solution makes its official debut. The first project install has been completed at a Super One Foods in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho. The vertical lifting door is located near the produce department of the grocer, aiming to bring in shoppers looking for health foods. Renlita Custom Opening Solutions helps residential, commercial, and industrial buildings create an atmosphere that coexists with nature and the community.

The Renlita A-750 Nufold solution is a complete bifold opening. Project applications include custom made, vertically lifting doors, windows, and walls. Designed out of aluminum, the opening is lifted using Renlita custom Opening Solutions patented counterweight design.  Renlita A-750’s include our standard top of the line safety features  and are custom made to fit all applications.



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