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Features & Options That

rise above the rest

The REDD HD® (Renlita Electronic Direct Drive Heavy Duty) motor system has been developed specifically for the custom opening market.  These motors are the new industry standard with low to no maintenance and high performance and are only available from Renlita.  Click below for useful information regarding sizing and specs for the REDD HD®.

Renlita Custom Opening Solutions’ REDD LD motor is a 1/2 horsepower system designed for the Sovereign systems. REDD LD is ultra-quiet and compatible with our touchscreen control and REDD Alert obstruction sensing. It also has an optional battery backup feature in case of power loss. Compared to our REDD HD, the REDD LD is a lighter-duty and more cost-effective option for the Sovereign system.

Independent Testing & Hurricane Ratings

No other large custom openings have the testing we do.  With years of tests and improvements we've become the leader in verified performance details.  Renlita has the testing you need to design your opening with confidence.

Many of Renlita's systems can be fitted with a screen option.  Customizable motorized insect screens, sunshades, and even hurricane rated screen systems can be added easily to keep you and your guests in comfort and style.  Renlita is the complete package!


Battery Back up

When you have a mission critical opening you need to know it will work.  If power is out, a storm is upon you, or a fire is bearing down on your house, how will you get your family to safety?  The REDD® Battery Backup gives you up to 5 cycles once power has been lost.  Keep your family or office safe.  Choose REDD.

REDD Alert® is our integrated safety system monitoring the entire opening for obstructions.  The motor logic identifies anything impeding door travel, not just at the edge, but on the whole door.  Nobody else in the industry can say that.

Image by Markus Spiske

REDD Alert®

Touch Screen Control

There are several ways to operate our motorized doors, but what is nicer than a full color touch screen?  Our single gang touchscreen has plug and play technology and can be configured with a multi digit code for security.  Don't settle for push buttons or keys.  You deserve the best.

Everything in a Renlita design has multiple safety features.  Safety is not an optional add on, it's standard.  Our patented safety brake is an additional level of assurance available only on Renlita products.  Other manufacturers charge extra for required safety devices.  Why pay extra for your safety?  We make your safety top priority, not an afterthought.

Patented Safety Brake

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