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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

March 16th Updates

I wanted to take a moment to keep everyone informed on Renlita current conditions and plans as our business, community, and country navigate through these uncertain times. Currently, Renlita staff remains at or near 100% capacity. North Texas geography has been fairly isolated from virus activities. We will continue to monitor the situation and will make changes only when appropriate to do so. In 2015, Renlita made the decision to migrate material sourcing away from China and foreign sources. Given the current state of other countries, this has proven to be a wise decision. Renlita has not experienced any supply chain interruptions, extended lead times, or price increase announcements. The Purchasing/Parts department continues to do an excellent job at keeping inventory levels at or above target levels.

Travel to distributors, local lunch and learns, and attendance to trade shows is being limited at the guidance of state and local governments. Travel that is currently underway will continue as scheduled and decisions on future travel will be made based upon the situation and circumstances. Renlita will take a commonsense approach to these decisions.

As of today, Renlita situation has not changed with regards to our ability to accept and fill new orders. Quotations and orders are being processed the same as they have been. Production team continues to complete projects within the 8 week lead time. Freight cost and availability have been volatile in select geographies. Expect to see freight cost adders as these increases are realized across all freight markets. The Renlita management team will continue to evaluate the business and market situations and will continue to communicate with all of our partners and customers. Renlita will calmly and confidently navigate through this uncertain time.


Jason Royse


Renlita Doors North America, LLC

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