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Five Different Ways To Use Vertical Lift Opening Systems To Make A Statement In Your Home

The design journey of building a custom home can feel like a roller coaster of emotions. Picking the architectural focal point of a space means considering the look, feel and function of the room and the best use of it’s space. Custom opening solutions need both “wow” factors and the quality to last through everything life brings. Vertical operating windows, walls and doors create clear opening space to open and bring the outside in and include no unsightly and dysfunctional tracks or seams on the floor. Take a look at some of the ways to incorporate vertical openings in your custom home design.

1. Entertain From The Indoors, Out

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A big extension of any custom home is the exterior entertainment space. From pool decks to outdoor kitchen and dining spaces,  your backyard magnifies the personality of the home and can be the central hangout for any social gathering.

When a vertical opening is added to the home design, it becomes easy to include the exterior space into the main living areas. Upward moving panels mean that there are no visually abrasive floor tracks that break up the spaces. Other horizontally stacking panels limit the clear opening space, while Renlita’s vertically operable systems are easy to operate and leave maximum space.

2. Outdoor Buildings

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Say goodbye to rickety storage sheds that ruin your design. Renlita’s sovereign model is the perfect fit for exterior storage buildings, pool houses, gyms, and outdoor recreation spaces. With the trackless design and stackable panels, this vertically operable opening leaves overhead space for bike racks, A/C systems, and increased storage space. Architecturally sound, Renlita’s vertically opening systems can withstand high wind-loads and have received NFRC thermal ratings. Making Renlita not only the stylish solution to your exterior buildings but only the smart solution.

3. Create A Garage Of Your Dreams

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Who said garages have to be boring? While average garage doors can be loud and bulky, Renlita’s openings are made to bring grace to your design. Renlita’s door systems can be customized to include almost any cladding or glazing options, making it optimal to install in a versatile space like a garage.

While Renlita is a stylish solution to a custom design, functionality and durability are an important factor in the design process. Successfully tested over  25,000 cycles, rest assured that your garage will stand the test of time with frequent use.

4. Maximize Your Views With A Second Floor Balcony


When designing a custom home, it is essential to take advantage of the view the property has to offer. Whether is is a lake, ocean, mountains or a killer view of the sunset, the ability to take advantage of what nature offers can make or break the home design.

An easy way to take advantage of the view is to simply…. open up the home. By installing a vertical opening leading to a second store balcony you will get to enjoy all nature has to offer without ever having to leave the indoors. Vertical openings leave the maximum amount of opening space. Add the standard safety breaks and motion sensors, Renlita is a worry-free solution.

5. Interior Space Management Solutions


Statement architecture doesn’t always have to be an exterior feature. With “open-concept” becoming the it trend in home building, maintaining privacy can become difficult. With vertical openings used as a space management solution the versatility of the space is maximized. Leaving the partition is open, multiple spaces become one for entertainment with clear openings and little overhead taken up; but when the partition is closed, the separated spaces become clearly defined rooms with privacy.

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