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How Opening Solutions Can Balance Your Open Office Layout

Open office spaces are the latest trend in commercial design, and can increase team collaboration, improved employee health and offer space flexibility. However, the open floor plan can lead to decreased productivity and create more stress for the employees. The key to maintaining a successful office is to balance coworking spaces with a more traditional layout that allows for privacy and a quiet space when necessary.

Create A Collaborative Workspace Private From Individual Offices

Perhaps the easiest way to bridge the gap between a tradition workspace and a coworking environment is to create an easily accessible area that can be closed off for privacy. Conference rooms and collaborative areas allow employees to utilize the open floor plan for daily projects and step into a private space for department meetings, conference calls and private presentations.

Use Operable Openings To Close Off Executive Offices

Even in the most open workspaces, a certain amount of privacy is still required. Important meetings, interviews and conference calls are not always suited for an open environment. In those circumstances, a large opening that can easily close off a formal office can work efficiently and be the perfect space management solution. Opening solutions, like the Renlita Sovereign can be opened with the push of a button and have no overhead tracks that would interfere with duct work, sprinkler systems or lighting. When the system is closed it encloses the office with the privacy needed, and when opened the space becomes apart of the common area again. This flexible design is best for companies that seek to blur the office hierarchy and keep executives accessible.

Separate Communal Recreation Spaces

Open offices can often seem hectic and tense. Recreational spaces like gyms, relaxation rooms, and game rooms let employees release some of the tension of work and reset for the next project. Adding a recreational space can decrease workplace stress and boost moral and create a more positive and productive company culture. Separating the “free play” spaces from working spaces allows for employees to get away from the stress of work while still keeping the rest of the office productive.

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