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Moxy Hotel, Featuring Renlita S-3000, Wins Award

Washington DC is full of architecture that’s internationally recognized, but one piece stands out from the rest. Only a mile away from the White House, lies the Moxy Hotel. In November 2019, it’s beautiful design and modern architecture has earned it the Gold Key Award for the Best Hotel Lobby! Hotels from all over the world competed for this prestigious award including those in San Diego, New York City, and China, but the Moxy Hotel topped them all.

This accomplishment by the Moxy Hotel is special to us at Renlita, for two of our S-3000 Foldaways are featured in the lobby. Both openings feature our counter-weight balancing technology and our superior safety features. This project beautifully divides the lobby of the Moxy with its stunning outdoor patio creating an ambiance that’s inviting when the opening is up and secure when it’s closed. The Renlita openings perfectly complement the lobby’s luxurious and stylish atmosphere, making it one of our most notable projects of 2017.

Once again, congratulations to the Moxy hotel for winning the Gold Key award. Special thanks to our distributor, Modern Door and Equipment, for doing such a wonderful job installing and managing the project. Also, congratulations to Fillat+ Architecture for their award winning lobby design.

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