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Renlita Custom Opening Solutions Addresses Competitors Plagiarized Marketing

It has come to our attention that there are others using Renlita Custom Opening Solutions designs and marketing them as their own. We’d like to clarify any confusion. Renlita is the leading manufacturer of counterweight operated vertical lift systems in the industry, and have contributed to the outstanding designs done in projects such as Gotham West Market, Dream Downtown, HP New York office and Google NYC with our openings.

It has always been Renlita’s mission to provide consumers accurate information about our designs, safety standards, and operation. Our safety standards are our top priority with patented failsafe devices, obstruction sensing motors and photo eyes standard on every Renlita product. Renlita does not consider safety features optional.

Others imitate and make claims of their product performance while Renlita backs up all of our claims with independent test lab reports, a vigilant research and development department and years of experience to provide the best products available. While others take joy in adding confusion to the marketplace, Renlita will always conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards.

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