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Renlita Custom Opening Solutions Passes NFRC Air Infiltration Testing

The completion of the testing makes Renlita the first in the vertical operating partition industry to complete NFRC testing

Bonham, Texas – July 2018 Renlita Custom Opening Solutions passes the National  Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) air infiltration testing with a .23 CMF per square foot. Completion of NFRC testing marks Renlita first in the vertical operating partition industry for air infiltration. In addition to NFRC testing, Renlita has received thermal performance ratings on the complete operable system, the only company in the industry to do so. Renlita’s products have achieved U-values ratings that range from .35-.45 and SHGC ratings that range from .21-.33.

The NFRC’s fenestration energy rating system is based on certified whole product performance. Major standards and programs for energy efficiency base their certification criteria on certified NFRC ratings. Renlita’s .23 CMF per square foot rating is based on a standard scale ranging from 0.00 – 2.00, which measures how well a product can keep conditioned air from escaping the intended space.

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