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Renlita Custom Opening Solutions Received the Employer Award of Excellence

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Renlita Custom Opening Solutions received the Employer Award of Excellence for the Workforce Solutions Texoma Area at the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) 21st Annual Texas Workforce Conference held Dec. 1, in Dallas, TX.

The award honors private sector employers that are actively involved with Texas Workforce Solutions and have made a positive impact on employers, works, and the community.  “Texas is known for its workforce leadership, which consists of skilled and talented workers and employers,” stated TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Julian Alvarez.  “Texoma and I congratulate Renlita for their ongoing commitment of supporting the state’s workforce through employment training and development.”

Renlita continues to strive for excellence daily, both in providing an exciting and fulfilling workplace, and creating incredible products sold worldwide, right from our hometown of Bonham, Texas. Thank you for your recognition TWC!

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