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Assembly Food Hall

The multiple Sovereign doors were installed at The Assembly Food Hall at 5th and Broadway in Nashville, TN to provide an open and vibrant vibe in great weather, and a secure and comfortable eating space when closed. These amazing multi-panel sectional doors open up to an outdoor patio and can transform the space when opened without covering HVAC, lighting, and the open ceiling plan, unlike a typical glass garage door would. No interior tracks are a key feature of the Sovereign stacking door system, where the panels rest on top of each other in a 2 foot deep space, instead of taking up valuable overhead room. This can allow for much more flexibility in your ceiling design, and won't detract from the open feel of your space. Each system is custom designed and hand-crafted by Renlita's expert team, including glass or cladding, size, color, and functionality. Come see why Renlita is the most trusted name in custom designed vertical openings!

We love to show off our work!  The above is just one of our many custom-designed projects built here in the USA.  However, if you're looking to learn about the differences in Renlita systems when compared to typical hydraulic doors or cable and strap doors, or if you're looking for items such as spec sheets, BIM or Revit models, Brochures, CAD files, and much more, you can find them by clicking the button below to visit the Design Center.

You can also contact us directly at (903) 486-3278 to speak with a design team member or email us at sales@renlitadoors.com for more info.

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