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HP Office

These custom-designed S-2000 Doors are a remarkable addition to the Hewlett Packard building's architecture. These doors, tailored to perfection, have been expertly crafted with insulated glass and an exquisite attention to detail, ensuring that they seamlessly blend with the existing surroundings both inside and outside the office premises. The result is a visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing addition to the workspace.
These doors serve as more than just an architectural embellishment; they are a gateway to a world of possibilities. Upon opening, they graciously usher occupants from the interior hallway to the enchanting exterior courtyard. Here, the vibrant allure of nature beckons, where one can revel in the serene ambiance or engage in spirited bouts of sand volleyball or basketball on the adjacent courts. It's a seamless transition between the professional workspace and the recreational haven outside, facilitating a balanced and fulfilling work environment.
Incorporating the S-2000 doors at the Hewlett Packard office in Boise, Idaho, has not only enhanced the aesthetics of the surroundings but has also greatly improved the functionality and connectivity of the space. These doors epitomize the perfect blend of form and function, offering a harmonious bridge between the indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering a work environment that is as inviting as it is efficient.

We love to show off our work!  The above is just one of our many custom-designed projects built here in the USA.  However, if you're looking to learn about the differences in Renlita systems when compared to typical hydraulic doors or cable and strap doors, or if you're looking for items such as spec sheets, BIM or Revit models, Brochures, CAD files, and much more, you can find them by clicking the button below to visit the Design Center.

You can also contact us directly at (903) 486-3278 to speak with a design team member or email us at sales@renlitadoors.com for more info.

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