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LA Architect Office

The S-500 vertical lift door installed at a prestigious architect's office in Los Angeles, CA, represents a fusion of form and function that is unmatched in the industry. This incredible door serves as both a gateway and a design statement within the office space, setting it apart from conventional garage doors, hydraulic doors, or other flexible space solutions.

When lifted straight up between the conference room and the office, the S-500 vertical lift door transforms the environment with seamless precision. What truly distinguishes this door is its acoustical tile cladding, designed for sound dampening. Unlike noisy hydraulic doors or uninsulated garage doors, this Renlita door is engineered to reduce excess noise, creating a serene and focused atmosphere within the conference room.

The exterior cladding matches the office's wall, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that defines the work of world-renowned architecture firms. This door not only redefines space flexibility but also enhances the office's aesthetics. As guests pass through, they experience a transition that is as visually stunning as it is acoustically remarkable. It's a testament to the architect's commitment to innovation and design excellence, making this Renlita vertical lift door an integral part of the office's allure and functionality.

We love to show off our work!  The above is just one of our many custom-designed projects built here in the USA.  However, if you're looking to learn about the differences in Renlita systems when compared to typical hydraulic doors or cable and strap doors, or if you're looking for items such as spec sheets, BIM or Revit models, Brochures, CAD files, and much more, you can find them by clicking the button below to visit the Design Center.

You can also contact us directly at (903) 486-3278 to speak with a design team member or email us at sales@renlitadoors.com for more info.

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