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Natura Cafe

The Natura Cafe within the Dream Downtown NYC hotel boasts a design that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landmarks. The key to this harmonious blend lies in the S-500 Liftaway windows, which are a testament to modern architecture's ability to marry form and function. When closed, these windows resemble regular panes, achieving a remarkable level of subtlety and elegance that stands in stark contrast to traditional garage doors.

These S-500 Liftaway windows, unlike bulky and obtrusive garage doors, are practically invisible when closed, offering uninterrupted views of the hotel's vibrant surroundings. The innovative design ensures that they effortlessly blend in, allowing guests to enjoy the vibrant energy of the city without any visual obstructions.

Whether you're seated at the bar top or simply enjoying the ambiance of the Natura Cafe, the S-500 Liftaway windows enhance the experience. They provide the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, allowing for a dynamic and interactive connection between the interior and the cityscape. It's this extraordinary fusion that elevates the Dream Downtown NYC hotel and makes the Natura Cafe a hidden treasure, where design and environment seamlessly coexist, offering a truly unique experience in the heart of the city.

We love to show off our work!  The above is just one of our many custom-designed projects built here in the USA.  However, if you're looking to learn about the differences in Renlita systems when compared to typical hydraulic doors or cable and strap doors, or if you're looking for items such as spec sheets, BIM or Revit models, Brochures, CAD files, and much more, you can find them by clicking the button below to visit the Design Center.

You can also contact us directly at (903) 486-3278 to speak with a design team member or email us at sales@renlitadoors.com for more info.

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