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Perry Ranch

Perry Ranch, meticulously crafted by Lake Flato Architects, graces the outskirts of Marfa, Texas, where it pays homage to the region's cattle ranch history through its ingenious design. The rusted steel cladding and steel posts in the courtyard, reminiscent of cattle pens, immerse the residence in the area's rich heritage. Perry Ranch's architectural prowess has earned it well-deserved recognition in esteemed magazines like Dezeen and Architectural Digest, thanks to its harmonious blend of historical context and modern innovation.

Notably, the building's exterior walls are constructed with sustainable rammed earth, showcasing Lake Flato Architects' commitment to both environmental responsibility and architectural coherence.

The S-1000 Floataway vertical lift doors at Perry Ranch are a standout feature, enhancing the architectural masterpiece. Their distinctive patinated metal cladding introduces a rustic and industrial element that complements the overall design. In contrast to conventional hangar doors, which may lack the finesse required for residential spaces, or garage doors, which can disrupt the aesthetic, these Renlita vertical lift doors seamlessly combine function and beauty.

Incorporating Renlita's S-1000 Floataway doors at Perry Ranch exemplifies the fusion of innovation, history, and design excellence on the outskirts of Marfa. These doors provide an exceptional touch that elevates this architectural gem, setting it apart from traditional options like hangar doors or garage doors. They perfectly embody Renlita's dedication to creating doors that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of exceptional architectural designs.

We love to show off our work!  The above is just one of our many custom-designed projects built here in the USA.  However, if you're looking to learn about the differences in Renlita systems when compared to typical hydraulic doors or cable and strap doors, or if you're looking for items such as spec sheets, BIM or Revit models, Brochures, CAD files, and much more, you can find them by clicking the button below to visit the Design Center.

You can also contact us directly at (903) 486-3278 to speak with a design team member or email us at sales@renlitadoors.com for more info.

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