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one of our projects at Sundance Square




Renlita is the industry leader in custom vertical doors, windows, and operable walls that transform architectural designs and define interior and exterior spaces.  Customize one of our time-tested models or design your own one-of-a-kind, "never been done before" masterpiece. We build your vision!

Our Design Consultants guide you through the creation of specially designed steel or aluminum vertical openings that blend in or stand out.  Come see why we're the clear-cut, safe, and always trendsetting leader in vertical openings and custom metal architectural pieces.

Who is Renlita Custom Openings?
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Our Design Consultants take your ideas and build out a concept plan to make your visions come to life.


In-house engineers take your concept and create custom engineered drawings specifically for your project.


Renlita's highly skilled craftsmen build your custom opening in our 100,000 square foot production facility here in the USA.


Factory-trained technicians complete your custom project with expert installation and service.

It’s a door… It’s a window… It’s a wall

It’s whatever you want it to be!

Ready to design Something Incredible?

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