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The Renlita Process

You design it.  We make it a reality.  Here's how simple the process of creating your own custom opening is with Renlita leading the way.


01. What's Your Idea?

Each system is custom-designed. Do you want a certain frame layout, or plan around an obstruction near the opening?  Maybe you want to match adjacent glass or cladding. Our experienced team can help you design your perfect opening!

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02. Custom Engineering

Our expert engineers are the best in the business, and we've seen it all!  Years of experience easily turn your idea into a structurally sound, elegant opening, with custom shop drawings for your review and approval.

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03. Crafted By Experts

We only build the best openings, all day, every day.  Our ultra-experienced manufacturing team painstakingly hand-crafts each Renlita in our state-of-the-art 110,000 square foot facility in Texas with thorough quality checks at each step.

04. Durable Powder Coat

Most openings visit our in-house powder coating facility for a super-durable finish.  With 40 standard colors and unlimited color matching, we ensure your opening looks great for years.  It's just another example of Renlita's proven excellence.


05. Dedicated Shipping

No other manufacturer takes such pride in packaging and shipping.  Every Renlita is quality-checked and packaged with care.  From custom crating and protective shrink wrap to dedicated truckloads, this is where the rubber meets the road. 

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06. Trained Installers

Renlita is the only company that requires Certified Installers to attend training here at our headquarters for intensive classroom knowledge and hands-on installation experience.  Why would you trust anyone else with your installation?


07. Service & Monitoring

Clarity Cloud Support* enables our tech support team to immediately identify faults, update your firmware, and provide new features as soon as they become available.  And our factory-trained service technicians cover most of the US, providing local service you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What do you mean by each system is custom-designed?

A: There are no standard, pre-built systems with Renlita. Each opening is built to your specific size, layout, color, glass or cladding, and mounting configuration. Our team listens to your needs and designs a one-of-a-kind opening just for you!

View Our Customizable Models

Customization Examples

Arched Door: The Pearl Dive

Sundance Square: Hidden Motors & Weights

The Pearl Dive: Historically Accurate Arched Window

Dallas Home: Focal Point Weights & Switching Glass

Q:  What glass or cladding options are there?

A: Our systems can handle 1/4" single pane glass or 1" insulated glass (1/2" IGU for Sovereign doors) or most cladding up to 4" thick or 15 pounds per square foot, depending on the system you choose. We can get glass from most manufacturers, so you can use the exact glass you'd like, or we can recommend a solution to fit your needs.

Click here to see each model's limitations.

Q:  I have limited space available for this project, due to HVAC, structural components, etc.  What are my options?

A: Our S-Series doors have several options and customizations that allow for less interior or exterior projection, remotely located or custom-sized counterweights, and many other design flexibilities. The Sovereign is a compact option with minimal interior projection and none to the exterior. We're certain we can find a solution for your project's limitations.

Click here to view typical drawings in .DWG or .PDF formats.

(NOTE: These drawings are not shop drawings and may not reflect customizations or accurate dimensions.)

Q:  Do your systems require a large structural header?

A:  Each of our systems are jamb mounted, not header mounted, so excessively large structural headers are not needed for Renlita.  We require space above the opening to mount the drive shaft and motor, or possibly to stow the panels when opened.

Click here to view typical drawings in .DWG or .PDF formats.

(NOTE: These drawings are not shop drawings and may not reflect customizations or accurate dimensions)

Q:  Can you match the building's sightlines, curtain wall design or cladding?

A:  Of course!  During the design process our team will work with you to design a custom vertical opening that best fits your project, including mullion layout, hinge line location, and glass or cladding.

Customization Examples

S-1000 Hidden Garage (Wood Cladding)

S-1000 Matched Glass Wall

S-3000 Garage (Composite Cladding & Glass)

Q:  Do your openings require 220V power?

A:  No.  All of our systems run off typical 110v 6-8 amp power.  Even our largest openings!  Smaller systems can be designed as manually operable instead of motorized.

REDD HD (Heavy Duty) Spec Sheet

REDD LD (Light Duty) Spec Sheet

Q:  Do I need to find someone to paint the system once it is installed?

A:  No.  Though many manufacturers only provide a primer finish, Renlita's in-house powder coating facility ensures that your opening arrives with a factory-applied super-durable finish in your chosen color.  Click here to view our standard color chart, or we can match a custom color just for you.

Q:  Do you have options for high wind load areas?

A:  Absolutely! Several of our systems can be engineered for coastal areas or high-rises and certified with a third party Professional Engineer Stamp for code compliance.  We also have a Miami-Dade NOA system available!

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Extend Your Warranty

Keep Evolving

Stay Informed

Get Reminders

Connect your Renlita doors to our Clarity Cloud Support system and get alerts for new features, software updates, maintenance reminders, and fault monitoring. 

Always Informed.  Ever Evolving.

* Available on all Gen 2 REDD HD motors with subscription

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